My wife and I are renovating our bathroom right now. As a result, we’ve had to work with a plumber and electrician. Our experience with both prompted me to write this blog post.

Are you making your clients go wow?

I know customer service is talked about a lot, but I don’t think you can talk enough about it. It’s very likely that, with your side business, you’re competing against other companies that do exactly what you do…so how do you stand out?

There are several ways:

1. Better pricing
2. Better product/service
3. Better customer service

You should be consistently trying to improve your product or service on a monthly basis, so let’s assume you have that part covered. And I would rather compete on customer service versus price because, while being competitively priced is important of course, I don’t want to battle on price because it usually leads in one direction (down).

And I think, in general, prospects and clients are conditioned not to expect great customer service because of their day to day interactions with many different types of businesses…many that, honestly, just don’t put customer service at the top of their priority list. So the opportunity to WOW your clients in this area is very high.

It’s very crazy…

It’s very crazy when you think about it because it’s so hard to earn the business of a new client. Yes, you’ll get clients that will fall on your lap because of referrals or even luck. But for the most part, you have to spend time and/or money to earn their business.

So when you get their business, why would you not give your clients the attention they deserve? It’s a very short-sighted move in my opinion to constantly be looking for new clients while ignoring existing ones.

If someone is opening their wallet to you, and trusting you with their business, you have to take that very seriously…and remain attentive to their needs long after they sign up with you. It’s very easy to give them a lot of attention the first few months, but what about 6, 12 or 24 months in?

Back to our bathroom renovation…

So what prompted me to write this post is the experience my wife has had with our bathroom renovation (she’s handling the project). The electrician has been absolutely amazing. Their work has been perfect, they show up when they say they’ll show up and they’re going above and beyond in small ways.

The plumber is a different story.

First off, the guy who sold us on the job isn’t the one doing the actual work. And that’s OK because I know it works that way sometimes, but the guy he’s assigned to our work doesn’t speak English and it’s already resulted in a few hiccups. We also had to fight to get them back in time to pass inspection without having to wait 2 weeks for another opening…and in the end, they didn’t help us…the town fit us in after hours because my wife begged them.

So while both the electrician and plumber we hired have completed their work, and passed inspection, the electrician went above and beyond in their customer service.

For example:

  • They cleaned up the plumber’s mess without us even asking.
  • He came and got the work done fast so we could get the inspection in.
  • He made some really good recommendations and changes to the bathroom lighting while the work was being done.

The above 3 things weren’t huge under-takings for the electrician but it made my wife’s job easier and she was ecstatic. As a result, she’s already written them a glowing review on several websites and told her friends about them. With the plumber, we won’t use them again because we don’t feel they have our back and their interaction with us was very robotic…and we definitely won’t refer them.

It sounds like I’m complaining, but I’m trying to make the point that both technically did their job, but one went above and beyond with their customer service in very small ways…and basically guaranteed himself future work.

So are you making your clients go wow?

Here are some ways to wow your clients based on what I do for my clients in my side business, WPamplify:

  • Respond to their emails in 24 hours or less.
  • Send them random greeting cards to thank them, for holidays, etc. (I use Ace of Sales for my CRM and it also lets you send out cards).
  • Be proactive with the service you are providing.
  • Keep tweaking your service to get them better results.
  • Send them occasional emails with tips and advice to help their business.
  • And this sounds silly, but be friendly, honest and show you care about their business.

See, none of this stuff is really that hard, but it goes a long way in showing your clients that you want and appreciate their business. The honest truth is that…unless you’re in a super specific niche…your client has a lot of other companies they could be using. And I guarantee you that your clients are getting prospected by some of them on a regular basis.

So protect and grow your side business by WOWing your clients!