keegan lanierHello everyone! It’s the week in between Christmas and New Year and I want to wish you Happy Holidays! Today’s interview is with sidepreneur Keegan Lanier. I came across Keegan’s website when I was researching WordPress experts and I could tell from some of his blog content that he was a sidepreneur. As a result, I reached out to him to learn more about his journey.

Let’s dive in!

1. What Is Your Day Job And What Is Your Side Business?

My day job is as the Director of Operations Support for Walk-On’s Bistreaux & Bar. I analyze the business data, work with Culinary and Purchasing to cost new items and integrate with operations to develop systems to improve operational efficiency. My side hustle is as a WordPress website builder. I work with clients to transform their old rusty website into a “mobile first” design that will help them attract business.

2. How Did You Choose Your Side Business?

I’ve been building websites, for fun, since around 1996. I’ve always kept up with the trends and had an interest in taking a blank canvas and turning it in to a fully functional product. As I grew up, I wanted to help businesses portray their brand in a digital space. I also wanted to help marketers, looking to grow their brand, develop a hub for their content that they own.

3. How Do You Find Time To Work On Your Side Business?

I spend nights, weekends and almost all free minutes working on some piece of the business. It could be building a site, building my personal network or working on social media content to drive awareness of my side hustle. I’m genuinely interested in other people’s stories, so the networking piece is one I really enjoy. It gives me fresh perspective and a break from looking at all that code :-)

4. What’s Working For You Right Now In Growing Your Side Business?

Instagram! I’ve found really good growth on Instagram. Awareness is growing daily at a solid rate. Engagement with my content is solid and I couldn’t be happier with the slow build. I’m a realistic person and I want to build things the right way.

5. What Advice Can You Give Someone Who Is Thinking About Starting A Side Business?

Find something you absolutely love and figure out how to make money doing that. The other piece is to do it the right way. It’s just not worth taking the shortcuts available. Don’t buy likes or followers because that NEVER works long term. Be genuine and put in the work. Patience is key. The game is long and nothing changes overnight. Sounds cliche, but it’s all truth.