Happy New Year! I couldn’t think of a better time to publish this blog post. It’s a new year…a clean slate…and I recently read a book that, based on my experience thus far, will help you start the year off right and boost both your personal life and your side business.

So if you listen to business podcasts, you’ve probably either heard Hal Elrod interviewed or at least mentioned. He’s the author behind a book I recently read called The Morning Miracle.

The whole concept of creating your “miracle morning” has become very popular and it’s even developed into what I would call a movement and community of like-mind people…people that want to improve their lives by starting their day off right.

So what is the morning miracle?

The big idea behind The Morning Miracle is that you wake up 30-60 minutes earlier every day and do a set routine of tasks (for a lack of a better word) that help get your mindset rock solid, improve yourself and start your day off on the right foot which positively affects everything else. In fact, I’m right in the middle of my morning miracle as I type this!

They label the routine of tasks that you do as life SAVERS:

  • S – silence i.e. meditation
  • A – affirmations
  • V – visualization
  • E – exercise
  • R – reading
  • S – scribing i.e. writing

You basically do all of these things in a 30-60 minute window. The book goes into much greater detail of course as to what you should do for each item and why it’s important.

Here what I do

To give you a good sense as to how this could work for you, here’s what I do every morning. I might change this as time goes on to try to squeeze out more benefits, but this is what I’m currently doing.

I pour myself a glass of ice water and then:

  • I spend 2 minutes thinking about what I’m grateful for.
  • I spend 2 minutes repeating my affirmations.
  • I spend 10 minutes meditating using the Calm app.
  • I spend 10 minutes doing high intensity exercise.
  • I spend 15 minutes reading.
  • I spend 20 minutes writing.

So it adds up to a 1 hour routine in the morning.

But why am I doing this?

Well besides from the massive social proof that The Morning Miracle has, for me it’s a test to see what will happen to my life overall (personal and business) if I start my day off right…and if I create a habit around something that I think will strengthen me both physically and mentally.


I know it’s hard to commit to starting your day off earlier, but I’ve actually grown to look forward to it and I’m already seeing the benefits.

First off, I like having a routine that I follow every morning. It gives me a sense of stability and I like that…and I like being in control of how my mornings start. I’m typing this during the holiday and I slacked off a few mornings because of our schedule and I notice a difference…almost like a depressed, “in a slump” feeling.

Each component of the routine brings its own benefits.

For example:

  1. Exercise makes me feel healthier and stronger which is good for obvious reasons.
  2. I’m really liking meditation…clears my mind and gives me a sense of calm which is a great way to start the day.
  3. And reading teaches me new stuff — in my opinion, you should always be in a state of continual growth.

Also, in the past few weeks I’ve had a flurry of new business activity in both my side hustle and my day job. Coincidence? Probably not!


I recommend trying The Morning Miracle for just 30 days and then decide if it’s right for you. And you can always start off slowly by just doing a 30 minute routine instead of 60 minutes.

If you’re not a morning person, I know the idea of getting up 30-60 minutes earlier is like me suggesting you start your day off with a subtle touch of torture, but it comes down to how bad do you want it? How bad do you want your side business to succeeded?

If the answer is VERY badly, then you should be willing to try and test things that might give you a competitive edge. The bottom line is that your actions are driven by what you really want and desire.

Make it a great year!