One of the podcasts I listen to is Entrepreneur On Fire by John Lee Dumas. And I would say in a good chunk of his episodes, the idea of focus comes up. John likes to say that FOCUS stands for Follow One Course Until Success and it’s so true. Focus is so crucial, especially for sidepreneurs. Your time is limited and you can only afford to work on important tasks that will drive your business forward.

Let me give you an example…

I’m living this right now. I would say 3 months ago I had about 10 side businesses. WPamplify being my main one of course…but I also had:

  • A blog I wasn’t really passionate about (not this one!)
  • Several Clickbank affiliate sites.
  • Several Amazon affiliate sites.
  • And then some random niche sites.

While I was spending most of my time on WPamplify, I was still spending time on the other stuff…and money. Plus, my mind was clouded with all the to-do’s I felt were necessary for the various websites. Some of the sites were making money, but nothing exciting…yet I was still spending time and money on them.

Light bulb moment!

2015 for me has been the year of personal development. I’ve always been a little weird and into this stuff, but I’ve cranked up dial big time in 2015. Not just for my sidepreneurial adventures, but for my career and health as well. The funny thing is, once you start focusing on improving yourself — reading books, listening to podcasts, exercise, eating better, etc. — you’ll find that you get more ideas and you have more clarity.

Well, my light bulb moment was a thought process along the lines of:

Why am I wasting my time and money with these small niche affiliate sites when 99% of my side business income comes from WPamplify? What would happen if I focused all my time and money on WPamplify?

The answer to me was obvious. Growth. And I’m starting to see the power of this slowly build up.

Here’s why…

When you just have one main focus, all of your time and money it directed at it like a laser beam. Before when I would fire up my laptop, I would do a little of this and a little of that. For example, send out a few new business outreach emails for WPamplify, but then spend time tweaking the theme of one of my niche sites.

Now anytime I do work online, 90% of the time it’s on something to advance WPamplify forward. For example, I just spent a few days getting familiar with Lead Pages and now I have awesome call-to-actions throughout the site and few potential new clients as a result. Before, I would have never spent the dedicated time to set this up because of the dozen other to-do’s I had in the back of my mind.

Yes, the other 10% is spent on this blog, Sidepreneurial…so I guess I’m not 100% laser focused on WPamplify. But this blog obviously ties directly into my side business and the experiences I’ve had. And plus, writing is part of my morning routine…and if I’m going to write, this blog is exactly what I want to be writing for.

Key Point: I’m not just making it a point to only focus on WPamplify and Sidepreneurial. I literally cancelled the domains and hosting for my collection of niche websites. I want to be 100% clear of them and not be tempted to check their stats, etc. I actually feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I can actually “feel” the focus now.

Big Regret

I feel regret when I think about the 3 small niche sites I built about 6 months ago or so. Not even factoring in the time I spent to set up the sites…between the content and the backlinks, I probably spent $500! What would have happened if I spent that money on backlinks for WPamplify instead? Or on a Facebook Ad campaign? Or on Google Adwords? And that’s just for these most recent niche sites…if you look at some of my bigger ones that I started over a year ago…well, then we’re talking about thousands of dollars. I’m having big regrets right now over this, but I’ve fixed the focus issue…and I can’t change the past…so upward and onward!

And just to be clear, I have no issues with affiliate niche sites. I used to be very heavy into affiliate marketing and made good money with it. My point is to have focus. If affiliate marketing is your side hustle, then great, focus on that. I have my service side business going, which is my bread winner, but then I also had all these other niche sites resulting in very watered-down focus.

My Best Advice To You

Make a concentrated effort to have a singular focus on your side business. Trust me, I know it’s easy to get distracted by new and shiny objects, but learn from my mistakes. And if you are going to wander a bit like I am with this blog, at least make sure there’s an obvious connection to your main side hustle.

When you have a singular focus on your side business, all your time and money will be ultra focused, and even if it sometimes feels like you’re not making progress, you are. There’s a point in your business where it feels like things are standing still, but just know if you’re taking focused daily action on growing and improving your side gig, momentum is building whether you see it or not.

Another thing worth mentioning is that part of growing your side hustle is trying new things, failing and then learning from what you just did. It’s actually a big part of it. You’re going to be trying new things to grow your business and not all of it will work out, but you’re building up experience as you go along and that’s invaluable. You want all of this experience to be concentrated on your side gig, not spread out across multiple projects.

The bottom line is focus leads to growth!