Chris H PicToday’s interview is with fellow Sidepreneur, Chris Holdheide. I actually hooked up with Chris simply by Googling for other people that write content about side business income. One of the things I’m doing is trying to connect and network with similar bloggers and Chris agreed to answer my questions…and I’m actually going to be interviewed on his blog as well soon.

Let’s get into the questions!

What is your day job and what is your side business?

My day job involves running a manufacturing business that builds agricultural gating, which is actually a family-run business that I took over from my father in 2009.

I’ve had several side hustles over the years from personal finance blogging earning income from Adsense, to affiliate marketing and direct advertising.  However, I currently help people start their own side business with my site Side Hustle Academy.

How did you choose your side business?

I started my side hustle because I felt the need to help families improve their financial situations.  At first I did this through helping people with personal finance, but I found that earning income online is a great answer to the problem.

I’ve managed to earn some great income over the years, allowing me do everything from taking a decent vacation to building a brand new house, and I thought if I could help other families earn an extra $500 to a $1000 a month it could solve a lot of their problems.

How do you find time to work on your side business?

Finding time to work on my side hustle has always been tough, but I break the things I do into two categories, management and growth activities.

Management activities are things like writing a blog post, sending an email newsletter, and checking email.

I usually do these things on my breaks at work, so when I get home from work and my kids go to bed later in the evening I can work the growth activities in my business which includes things like creating products and marketing my business.

I also use Google Calendars to keep track of what I’m working on.  I try to break things down into small daily tasks so I don’t overwhelm myself, and I find I get a lot more done this way.

What’s working for you right now in growing your side business?

One way I’ve been growing my business is by guest posting, doing interviews, and getting featured on large Facebook groups similar to my niche.

A good example of this is that I was recently featured on the Penny Hoarder Facebook page, which has over 700,000 fans.  This ended up bringing over 16,000 visitors to my site in a 3-day span and helping me grow my email list a lot faster.

I also set up specific landing pages to help drive more traffic and grow my email list faster.  This tactic helps to grow my list the best right now as well.

Here is an example of what one of my landing pages looks like. It offers a free checklist to help people find the side hustle that is right for them.

What advice can you give someone who is thinking about starting a side business?

My best advice is to find something that works, and just go with it.  As simple as that sounds, that’s really what anyone who is successful online is doing.

They find a problem and they try to solve it and see if people will pay money for it.  If that happens, you are on to something, and more than likely you’ll be earning some great income

One of my early mentors in business used to tell me that if you just do the right things long enough, success is inevitable, and I believe that.  It may not take long for some and it might take a long times for others, but it can be done.