Lately, I’ve been listening more than reading. Meaning, I’m using my commute to my day job as a “classroom in my car”. I bought a monthly subscription to Audible and every month I’ll listen to 2 to 4 books.

One book that I just listened to that I thought was really solid was Amy Cuddy’s book, Presence. You can learn more about Amy here.

The concept behind the book is that body language can affect how you feel and act. What I was most interested in was the strategy of using “power poses” to make me feel more confident. This is more for my day job — for example, before a sales call or an important meeting.

I first heard about power poses via Amy’s famous TED Talk:

The bottomline is I like the power pose so much that I’ve injected it into my morning ritual. It’s almost like power posing meditation because I combine it with deep breathing and affirmations. I’ll do this for only 2-3 minutes and I feel great afterwards!

Why Power Posing?

According to Presence, holding a power pose increases testosterone and lowers cortisol. They actually did saliva tests before and after, and just holding a power pose for 2 minutes increased testosterone by 20% and decreased cortisol by 25%!

Like I said above, I include power posing in my morning ritual now…and I’ll do it at work if I’m feeling stressed or if I’m going into a big meeting. I feel great afterwards and I’m officially hooked on it!

Body Language

Presence has also made me very aware of how I hold myself when I’m around other people — my presence. You obviously don’t want to be power posing when you’re in a meeting or talking to someone because that would be kind of obnoxious, but you also don’t want to maintain a slumped, weak stance.

I always aim now for open, confident body language. No slumping. And no crossed arms or legs

So that’s it…

The concept and idea behind the book is simple, but the impact, in my experience so far, is really exciting!