This review is about Copywriter Today, an affordable content and blog writing service I’ve been using for all of my client blogging for my side business as well as my own blog here. They are in fact my secret weapon for blog posts. While the service is definitely not perfect, I do have 12 accounts with them so that says a lot! And I’ve come to know the owner, Gabe Arnold, very well.

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The basic idea is you order articles from them inside your customer dashboard and they deliver them to you in a timely fashion…and at a cost-effective rate. To be more specific, you pay $147 per month for an account if you use coupon code sideCT (it’s $297/month without the code).

I’ll expand on this in greater detail, but first…

Why is Content Important?

Content creation is a critical part of search engine optimization. There used to be a time where you could rank websites with a boat load of bad links. The landscape of SEO, however, has changed dramatically for the better and, as a result, you need a great website with great backlinks, but also great content…and content that is unique (not published elsewhere).

If you think about it, Google ranks pages of content. Give them a solid piece of content to rank, and there’s a good chance it will get search engine traffic. So it’s safe to say that every good blog post you add to your website is another doorway to your website. Meaning, it’s another way someone can find and “enter” your online home.

Content is also important because it gives you a way to engage your website visitors and position yourself or company as an authority in your industry. And if a potential customer comes to your website and sees the articles you are publishing on a regular basis, they are more likely to keep on visiting, assuming the content is valuable, well-written and speaks to their needs.

The bottom line is, whether you use Copywriter Today or not, you need a regular drip of high quality and unique content.

How Copywriter Today Works

When you sign up, you get access to a dashboard where you can login and start ordering content. When you’re creating an order, you have several options for word count and content type (article, eBook, etc.) as well as some upgrades like having them post the article to your blog or giving you a stock photo to go along with your content.

I don’t have them publish the content to my blog or the client blogs I manage, but I do pay extra to have them do an additional round of proofreading…just in case.

The way the timing works is first in, first out. Meaning, if you put in orders for 2 blog posts, they’ll work on the first one, and then when that’s finished, they’ll work on the second one. And the word count you select determines how quickly they turn the content around. For example, 400-word blog posts are completed in 2 business days and 800-word blog posts are done in 3 days.

And like I mentioned, they have several upgrades you can choose from to enhance your content. For example, you have the option of also turning your written content into an infographic or video to give you the opportunity of leveraging different channels for more website traffic (image and video sites).

ordering blog content from copywriter today

Screenshot of Ordering Content from Copywriter Today


What I Like About Copywriter Today

I’m reviewing this service as my secret weapon so obviously I use it and I like it. And while it’s not perfect (we’ll discuss that next), I’ve found it to be the perfect combination of cost and value. You pay $147 per month (you have to use coupon code sideCT to get this rate) and you get access to a dashboard where you can order articles.

The amount you can order depends on the word count. For example, if you’re ordering 400-word blog posts every time, those are a 2 business day around. So you’d get 10 articles per month or $12.40 per piece of content which is a steal considering it’s easy to order and manage your content…and the content is good. Yes, you can get articles on Fiverr for $5, but I’ve tried a half dozen different gigs and the writing, in my experience, is bad. And even if you find a writer you like, it’s hard to scale.

Their customer service is also unusually good for a service at such a low price point. If I have any questions, I almost always here back the same day and usually within a few hours. And my issues are always resolved.

Lastly, the dashboard…while it’s not very modern-looking, I do like how I’m able to keep track of all the content I’ve ordered such as what’s in the queue and what’s been completed. It helps me keep organized especially since I’m using them for my client blogging.

What I Don’t Like About Copywriter Today

This service is my secret weapon for blogging, but it’s not perfect. I have 2 main complaints about the service.

First off, the content is good, but if you ask them to write anything technical, academic or high level, they will struggle. In the end, they’ll likely get it right with the edits you give them, but it will require some back and forth. That being said, you’re not paying for a high end service, so it’s hard to expect them to satisfy requests like this…but if your content needs are always going to be expert level, this service is not for you.

Also, like I mentioned before, the dashboard is very no frills…which is fine, but what I sometimes struggle with is the first in, first out order process. It’s not a big deal at all if you’re just blogging for your yourself, but if you’re writing for several different blogs or clients, it can be hard to juggle the order in which you request the content so it gets published on time. I’ve alleviated this by getting multiple accounts, but that might not be possible or ideal for you. The other option you have is placing rushes on certain articles, but there’s an extra charge for this.

Summing It All Up

I use Copywriter Today — via my 11 accounts with them — for my content and blog writing needs. The service gives you a dashboard where you can order a steady drip of articles for a low monthly rate of $147 using coupon code sideCT ($297/month without). The service is great for content that is NOT technical, academic or expert level type information. Lastly, their customer support is very attentive with my inquiries always getting answered in less than 24 hours.

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