If your side hustle is a service-based business, then you know that getting clients is both extremely important and requires persistent follow up. The issue here is that, being we’re operating a side business, we don’t have all day to work on our business. As a result, any quality software I can find that make me more efficient with selling and operations, I’m all for it.


Well, I found Rebump for lead follow up and I love it! I use it to help me get new clients for my side gig, WPamplify, and it works like a charm.

What does it do?

The concept is very simple…if I send pricing or information to a prospect, and that person doesn’t get back to me, Rebump automatically follows up with them using 4 short, sweet and effective follow up emails.

The emails come from me, include the original message that I’m following up on, and they are spaced out as such:

  • Bump #1: 3 days after my original email
  • Bump #2: 4 days after bump #1
  • Bump #3: 7 days after bump #2
  • Bump #4: 7 days after bump #3

If anyone responds during this sequence, they don’t get any more follow ups…or if they make it to bump #4 and don’t reply back, the emails stop.

You get access to an account dashboard where you can see which emails are actively getting follow ups and what bump number they are at…and which follow ups are inactive because either the prospect replied back or didn’t reply after the 4 bumps were sent.

I also get a daily email with stats:

  1. how many new emails were activated with Rebump in the last 24 hours
  2. how many bump follow ups were sent in the last 24 hours
  3. how many emails were “rescued” by Rebump and from which bump

The cost? $5 per month!

But Isn’t Automation Bad?

I’m OK with semi-automating the follow up process. I still spend a lot of time finding and qualifying the leads and working up a proposal for them…and then I use Rebump to keep on their radar. I know that if I’m sending pricing or info to a lead, I’ll have Rebump working for me in the background so nothing slips between the cracks.

I also don’t think some automation is bad because we’re sidepreneurs. Maybe we have 2 hours per day to work on our business. In my opinion, it’s smart to spend your time on the big stuff and automate or outsource the repetitive stuff.

In 2016, I made some changes along these lines to my side business, and in October of this year, I surpassed last year’s revenue number.

Also worth mentioning — if you feel iffy about follow up automation, Rebump does let you personalize the emails as well as edit the emails and number of emails sent…you can even exclude the weekends from the follow up sequence. I just went with the default settings…and since it’s working like a charm, I didn’t make any changes.

So that’s my secret weapon for following up on prospective new clients! I would love to hear from you if you have any feedback or questions. Contact me here or on Twitter.