I’m a rabid fan of self-improvement. I don’t think you ever stop learning because learning is growing and why would you ever want to stop growing?

Books and Podcasts

A huge part of self-improvement, for me, is reading and listening to podcasts. I read business books in my Kindle every day, even if it’s just a few pages. I bounce around topics including self-help, inspirational, finance, selling, marketing and general business advice.

Think about it this way — for about $10 per book, you get to tap into the knowledge of authors that are experts in their fields. It’s a wonderful thing!

Maximizing My Commute

I have a 40 minute commute to work. But I don’t mind because I use this quiet time to create a “classroom in my car”. Meaning, I listen to business podcasts. Now you could argue that I should be using my commute to unwind and relax. But the thing is, I ENJOY listening to podcasts. I think when you have a strong entrepreneurial drive, your thirst for knowledge is unquenchable.

My favorite podcast? Andrew Warner’s Mixergy. I do listen to others…and maybe I’ll do a blog post about the podcasts I like to listen to…but I get the most out of Mixergy. In fact, I’m a premium member paying $200 per year.

Why Mixergy?

The reason Mixergy is my favorite is because the whole concept behind the podcast is Andrew interviews successful entrepreneurs. You learn how they became successful…their failures…what they learned…basically their whole journey from start to finish.

There’s a saying that success leaves clues. Instead of analyzing successful entrepreneurs, I just listen to them on Mixergy!

But what makes this podcast different is Andrew is a very skilled interviewer. He’s open about how hard he is on himself to perfect his craft. I like how he digs and digs and digs. He asks the questions that most won’t ask. I just find the interviews very interesting and helpful. I feel like I’m being mentored in an indirect way.

Why Premium?

You can listen to Mixergy for free. I subscribe to Premium because, as a member, you get access to all 1,000+ podcast episodes. The free version is capped as to how far back you can listen. You also get access to online courses that go into even more detail than the interviews.

I’m basically investing less than $17 per month to get access to the lessons and experiences of over 1,000 entrepreneurs. It’s a no brainer.

What about you?

What are you doing to expand and enhance your skill sets and knowledge? Are you reading books? If you’re not a big reader, are you listening to audio books or podcasts? There’s so much information available to better yourself and your business. Take advantage of it! It’s a great time to be an entrepreneur.